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http://www.mywifiext.net redirects you to an ip address , in order to access any netgear extender login page , launch a web browser and type http://www.mywifiext.net in address bar of your browser , a login screen will appear use username as admin & default password as password , alternatively you can use ip address


  • STEP 1 : Turn on your extender , plug it straight to a wall jack or any power source , close to the host router .
  • STEP 2 : Connect your computer wirelessly with netgear extender ssid , by default ssid is netgear_ext.
  • STEP 3 : Launch a web browser & type http://www.mywifiext.net in address bar of your browser ,a login screen will appear.
  • STEP 4 : In case of ac series netgear extenders , you will get two prompts , either to setup extender in access point or normal extender mode.
  • STEP 5 :Select the network name ssid for your existing host router ,then click on next option , enter network key passphrase for host router
  • STEP6 : Connect your computer wirelessly with new extender network name ending with _ext .
  • STEP 7 : Unplug your extender & place it at about 25 feet away from existing host router .
  • Manually Through mywifiext.net Setup Page

  • 1. Connect to the extender Wifi network by using a Wifi network manager on your laptop or any other Wifi device. After successful completion of the connection, check the device link LED lights.
  • 2. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Type the URL “www.mywifiext.net“in the address bar of the browser window.Setup page of your new extender displays.
  • 3. You will view the New Extender Setup button, click on it. The page of create account opens, if it does not visit www.mywifiext.net.
  • 4. Some fields are given, fill up the fields and click on the next button.
  • 5. Select the Wifi network you want to extend and click on the next button.
  • 6. Enter the passphrase of your Wifi network in the password field (passphrase is also called as security key) and click on the next button.
  • 7. You need to provide a new SSID and password for your new Wifi network and click on the next button. A list of extended Wifi comes up in front of you. It might take about 1 or 2 minutes.
  • 8. Connect the laptop or device you are having to the extended Wifi network. To connect, you have to provide the network name (SSID) and password in the respective fields that you have created in the previous step. Repeat this step, if you want to connect more devices.

  • mywifiext.net Setup Page
  • 9. Check the connection established between extended network and Wifi device before clicking on the Continue button.
  • 10. A dialogue box with a message that the extender is connected and ready is displayed after you clicked on the continue button.
  • 11. Click on the next button to proceed. The registration page displays.
  • 12. Fill up the fields given and click on the finish button. It is your choice; you want to fill up the registration fields or want to skip it. But if you get any problem in the future regarding extender then you cannot take tech support without registration. If you don’t do this time then you have to do it after sometime.
  • 13. Place the extender midway between the router and the area where the connection is poor after unplugging it from the power outlet. The extender must be in the range of your Wifi router.
  • 14. Again plug in the router, and wait till the power LED turns green. You need to press the power button if LED does not light up.
  • 15. The router Link LED tells you about the correct position of the extender. If the light in the LED turns green then it’s alright if it does not then try again and again by switching or changing the position of the extender. The area where it turns greenis the area where the optimal connection is established.
  • 16. Reconnect the Wifi device to the extended Wifi network.
  • 17. Now it’s time to check the connection. Take your laptop in the area where the connection was poor, try to access the internet and check if the device Link LED turns green or not. If it is green then the connection is good and reaches the area where the connection was poor. If it is not, then change the location of the extender.

    In order to set up netgear range extender using wps ,one click configuration button , first turn on your extender ,press and hold wps button for 5 seconds, the link led lights will flash on extender , then within 2 minutes press wps button on router , wait for the extender lights , once the link led light is green , repeat the wps step again to set up 5ghz network. Place your extender at about maximum 30 feet away from host router . Alternatively you can use web console utility I.e launch a web browser and type www.mywifiext.net in address bar of your browser ,then follow onscreen configuration steps .

    I can’t access www.mywifiext.net; what do I do?

    When you attempt to get to the site http://www.mywifiext.net/ to set up your remote extender, you may get a blunder message or be not able associate with the site. This can happen on the grounds that http://www.mywifiext.net/isn't a customary Internet site. It is a neighborhood web deliver used to open the settings (genie or Smart Wizard) of a NETGEAR remote range extender. Your PC must be either physically associated by Ethernet or remotely associated with your NETGEAR run extender to get to this web address.

    When you visit http://www.mywifiext.net/ on a PC that is associated with your NETGEAR run extender, you see this screen:

    When you endeavor to visit http://www.mywifiext.net/ on a PC that isn't associated with your NETGEAR run extender, you see the accompanying mistake screen:

    If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you might see one of the following error messages:

  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. “Page cannot be displayed” or “You are not connected to a network.”
  • Google Chrome. “Unable to connect to the Internet. Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.”
  • Firefox. “Server not found. Firefox can’t find the server at www.mywifiext.net.”
  • Safari. “Can't find server.”
  • Warning: If you see something other than one of the screens or messages above, make sure that you entered the correct web address in your web browser. A mistyped web address might take you to a fraudulent third-party website that attempts to steal your login credentials or asks you to pay money to access your range extender. NETGEAR will never request money to allow you to use a NETGEAR product that you purchased. NETGEAR also provides 90 days of complimentary live chat and phone support following purchase from an authorized NETGEAR reseller. If you are not sure whether you typed the correct address, close your browser tab or window and click this link to access the correct website: http://www.mywifiext.net/.

    Connect an Ethernet-Enabled Device

    If you connect a wired device to the extender using an Ethernet cable after the establishment of the connection between extender and Wifi network then that device is able to access the existing network through the Wifi connection of the extender.

    After installing the extender, you are able to change the settings of the extender by log in to the extender. There are proper steps on how to login after installation.

  • 1. The device Link LED light turns green when you have successfully built the connection with the new extended Wifi network.
  • 2. Open an Internet browser.
  • 3. Type www.mywifiext.net in the address bar located at the top of the browser window. A login window appears.
  • 4. The setup page displays after you successfully login with your username and password.